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Department of Agronomy
Degree Entry semester Admission quota
PhD First semester (September entry) 2 (total in all divisions)
Application requirements
Language of instruction Program taught in Chinese
Required Documents Please refer to Office of International Affairs
Interview / Oral exam Those who pass the application review will be notified for the interview.
Written exam No
Department information
Introduction To solve the world agriculture and food security demands, and to provide the agricultural system with living, healthy, ecological, sustainable, and productive considerations through educational and research programs.
Curriculum planning
  • The candidates for Doctor’s degree must have completed a minimum of 40 credits.
  • The required courses and credits are listed as follows:
    Seminar (4 credits) and Dissertation (12 credits).
Division introduction
  1. Genetics and Breeding:
Plant conservation, Crop molecular genetics and breeding, Plant cytogenetic and molecular marker application, Functional genomics of plant-virus interactions, Plant genetic diversity analysis, Rice functional genomics.
  1. Crop Science:
Crop production, Crop and seed physiology, Crop germplasm collection, Stress physiology, Weed management, Herbicide, Plant hormones and signal transduction, Plant tissue culture, Organic agriculture, Chronobiology, Medicinal crops, and Agrochemicals biosafety assessment.
  1. Biometry:
Biostatistics, Experimental Design, Crop growth and development system, Plant epidemiology, and quantitative risk assessment.